(EEESD 2020)

Chania, Crete Island, GREECE, July 19-22, 2020

Review Process

All papers will be peer reviewed by three reviewers. They can be members of the Organizing Committee, Technical Committee and additional qualified reviewers. Revised versions of the papers must take into account the reviewers' comments. Originality, Relevance, Novelty, Integrated Scientific Presentation and English Language will be checked by the reviewers. Only Full Papers will be evaluated. The Organizing Committee will send each paper to 3 independent reviewers, experts in the area of the paper.
So, each paper will be evaluated by three independent experts according to the following Criteria:
1) Relevance to the Conference Call
2) Scientific - Technical Originality, Potential Impact and Interest for the audience
3) Scientific/Technical Content And Advances Beyond The State-Of-The-Art
4) Quality of the Presentation, Clarity of the Content
5) Comments For The Authors

The reviewers are going to indicate their familiarity with the paper's subject, evaluate the paper along the aforementioned criteria. Finally, the Organizing Committee will decide what papers will be accepted. Our Score System will classify the papers as follows:
Excellent Papers: Papers of outstanding quality - top 10% of the accepted papers
Very good Papers: Papers of very good quality - in the top 20% of accepted papers
Good papers: Papers of average quality - in the top 33% of accepted papers
Fair Papers: Papers of fair quality and below acceptable threshold (implies: Rejection)
Poor Papers: Poor quality papers (implies: Rejection).
Plagiarism / Self-plagiarism is strictly forbidden.
In case of plagiarism or self-plagiarism, the authors will banned in EEESD Proceedings as well as in any further evaluation in our collaborating journals.

Our Academic Culture
Peer review is fundamental to the scientific publication process and the dissemination of knowledge and information. Peer reviewers should be experts in the specific topic addressed in the articles they review, and should be selected for their objectivity and scientific knowledge. All reviewers should be informed of the publication’s expectations. Reviews will be expected to be professional, honest, courteous, prompt, and constructive. The editors may routinely assess all reviews for quality; they may also edit reviews before sending them to authors. The submitted manuscript is a privileged communication; reviewers must treat it as confidential. It should not be retained or copied. Also, reviewers must not share the manuscript with any colleagues without the explicit permission of the editor.

More information available at Minoa Palace Resort.

Congress Center

The conference will be organized in the Congress Center of Minoa Palace Resort Hotel in Chania.



Chania Airport
What is the distance from Chania Airport to the conference venue at Platanias? From Chania Airport it takes 30 minutes to get to Platanias (27 kilometres)
Bus transportation between Chania Airport and Platanias is operated by the public transport company KTEL. Ten times a day a bus departs from the airport to Platanias, ten times a day there is a bus going in the opposite direction. The bus journey takes 30 minutes and a ticket costs € 3.50 per person.
Transportation is also available from Chania Airport to Platanias: by taxi (regular taxi service directly from the airport).
Heraklion Airport
Alternatively you can use the Heraklion Airport What is the distance from Heraklion Airport to the conference venue at Platanias? From Herakleion Airport it takes 2 h 10 min to get to Platanias (153.4 km)
Transportation is also available from
Heraklion Airport to Platanias: by taxi (regular taxi service directly from the airport).

Beachfront hotels, in the village Platanias, along golf courses or charming hotels nestled in the shade of olive trees, Platanias at Chania offers a wide range of accommodation, all categories combined. Hotels reachable on foot from the Congress Center. You can use,, etc

Academic Co-Sponsors
University of Athens, Greece,
University of Athens

University of Piza, Italy,
 University of Piza

Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy

University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
TU Sofia

Sponsored by the Institute for Energy, Environment, Ecosystems and Sustainable Development