(EEESD 2020)

Chania, Crete Island, GREECE, July 19-22, 2020

Special Sessions, Symposia, Workshops

Privileges of the Session Organizers of EESD 2020
1. For every 5 fully registered papers, the organizer is entitled to submit a sixth paper without paying any registration fees.
2. Financial Support (contact us)
3. Successful Session organizers will be included in the Committee of EESD 2020 Conference (provided that they are faculty members in a university)
3. Successful Session organizers will Chair their session
4. Successful Session organizers will receive an additional ticket for the banquet
5. Successful Session organizers will receive a Certificate for the organization of their session
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Proposals are solicited for special sessions, symposia, workshops and tutorials to be held in conjunction with EEESD 2020. Special sessions (4 papers minimum), symposia (8 papers minimum), workshops (14 papers minimum) and tutorials (1 hour presentation) may focus on various research topics related with the conference scope: Environment and sustainable development
Sustainable management
Indoor Air Quality in Offices and Houses
Quality of water
Global change, climate and biodiversity
Sustainable marine ecosystems
Climate and global change
Advanced Marine research
Research on Natural hazards
Green Transportation
Green Buildings
Cleaner energy systems
Renewable energy Systems
Combined Heat and Power Systems
Combustion and gasification
Energy Storage
Materials Chemistry
Hydrogen energy production, storage and transmission
Fuel Cells
Biomass an Bio-energy
Wind energy and wind resources
Solar Energy Systems
Cogeneration Systems
Distributed generation systems
Energy conservation and generation
Distributed generation, embedded generation
Industrial Gas Turbines and Microturbines
Energy conservation in Industry
Economic and efficient energy systems
Socio-economic aspects of energy
Energy technology transfer
Oceanographic laser remote sensing
Applied thermodynamics and Eco-informatics
Thermodynamics of Ecosystems
Environmental management
Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering
Air pollution and its effects on ecosystems
Cost reduction and less emission
Coasts and Seas
Sustainability indicators
Environmental risk
Recovery of damaged areas
Science and the humanities
Soil and agricultural issues
The city of tomorrow and cultural heritage
Impact on society, the economy and employment
Sustainable Process Model
Strategic Management
Natural resources management
Feasibility Analysis
Refurbishment Investment Appraisal
Governance, urban design and cultural heritage
Nuclear Energy and Environmental Protection
Socio-economic and infrastructure issues
International strategy for energy, development and environment
Design and nature
Systems Theory for Environment and Ecosystems
Mathematical Biology
Simulation, Computational and Applied Mathematics for Energy, Environment, Development and Ecosystems
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 University of Piza

Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy

University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
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Sponsored by the Institute for Energy, Environment, Ecosystems and Sustainable Development