17th International Conference on
(ENGEMA 2021)

Marathon Beach, Athens, Greece, August 8-10, 2021

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Call For Papers, Special Sessions, Symposia, Workshops, Tutorials and Plenary Lectures

We would like to invites participants from all over the world to attend the International Conference on ENVIRONMENT, GEOLOGY, MATERIALS (ENGEMA'2021) in Marathon Beach, Athens, Greece, August 8-10, 2021 Our conference is open to attendees, academics and non-academic audiences. The three-day conference is designed to bring researchers, academicians, doctorates, professors, lecturers and scholars to discuss research and share ideas regarding career interests to make event experience even better. During the event, participants can build networks and share information and ideas with one another.
Deadline to upload your full paper: July 20, 2021

Our aim is to explore the research and to exchange ideas in the area of Environment, Geology, Materials, Ecosystems, Energy, Sustainable Development, Applied Chemistry, Climate Change, Environmental Protection etc. It also provides an interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, educators, policy makers and top managers to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Environment, Geology, Materials, Ecosystems, Energy, Sustainable Development, Applied Chemistry, Climate Change, Environmental Protection etc. We would like to invite you to be a part of our esteemed conference.
Exhibiting or Marketing:
Exhibiting or Marketing at ENGEMA 2021 introduces a new trend and is a perfect platform to meet the key persons related to Environment, Geology, Materials, Ecosystems, Energy, Sustainable Development, Applied Chemistry, Climate Change, Environmental Protection, which gives you an opportunity to market your business face to face and to talk with eminent professionals.
Environment and sustainable development
Sustainable management
Indoor Air Quality in Offices and Houses
Quality of water
Global change, climate and biodiversity
Sustainable marine ecosystems
Climate and global change
Advanced Marine research
Research on Natural hazards
Green Transportation
Green Buildings
Cleaner energy systems
Renewable energy Systems
Combined Heat and Power Systems
Combustion and gasification
Energy Storage
Materials Chemistry
Hydrogen energy production, storage and transmission
Fuel Cells
Biomass an Bio-energy
Wind energy and wind resources
Solar Energy Systems
Cogeneration Systems
Distributed generation systems
Energy conservation and generation
Distributed generation, embedded generation
Industrial Gas Turbines and Microturbines
Energy conservation in Industry
Economic and efficient energy systems
Socio-economic aspects of energy
Energy technology transfer
Oceanographic laser remote sensing
Applied thermodynamics and Eco-informatics
Thermodynamics of Ecosystems
Environmental management
Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering
Air pollution and its effects on ecosystems
Cost reduction and less emission
Coasts and Seas
Sustainability indicators
Environmental risk
Recovery of damaged areas
Science and the humanities
Soil and agricultural issues
The city of tomorrow and cultural heritage
Impact on society, the economy and employment
Sustainable Process Model
Strategic Management
Natural resources management
Feasibility Analysis
Refurbishment Investment Appraisal
Governance, urban design and cultural heritage
Nuclear Energy and Environmental Protection
Socio-economic and infrastructure issues
International strategy for energy, development and environment
Design and nature
Systems Theory for Environment and Ecosystems
Mathematical Biology
Simulation, Computational and Applied Mathematics for Energy, Environment, Development and Ecosystems

Mineralogy and Petrology
Historical Geology
Physical Geography
Economic Geology
Geochemical Environmental Pollution
Laboratory of Remote Sensing
Structural Geology and Tectonics
Features and Processes of Deformation in Rocks
Fractures and Fabrics
Structural Associations in Orogenic Belts
Strike-Slip Zones and Extensional Regimes
Strain Analysis
Experimental Rock Deformation
Rock Mechanics
Geodynamics and Geology
Dynamic Tectonics
Tectonics and Geological Mapping
Earthquake Engineering
Investigation of Specific Earthquakes
Earthquake Hazard and Risk Estimation
Rock Mechanics applied to Seismology
Theoretical and Experimental Modelling
Educational Topics on Seismology
Inorganic Materials
Metallic Materials
Organic Materials
Composite Materials
Polymer Materials
Macroscopic Properties of Materials
Failure Analysis
Strength of Materials
Condensed Matter Physics
Materials Physics
Electronic and Magnetic Materials
Thin Films
Refractory Materials
Functionally Graded Materials
Materials in Industry
Ceramics and Glasses
Metal Alloys
Forensic Materials Engineering
Surface Science/Catalysis
Textile Reinforced Materials
Tribology Others

Send us your proposal for Special Session or Symposium or Workshop or Tutorial or plenary lecture by email now: engema.conf@gmail.com

Academic Co-Sponsors
University of Athens, Greece,
University of Athens

University of Piza, Italy,
 University of Piza

Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy

University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania

Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
TU Sofia

Sponsored by the Institute for Energy, Environment, Ecosystems and Sustainable Development